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Hello and welcome to Idiotology. The blog about what being an idiot means, in various contexts.

So what exactly is Idiotology?

I always hear the word idiot. It is everywhere, in the shows or movies you rent, buy or watch on TV, Netflix, HBO GO, the YouTube videos you watch on YouTube or even when you read a book. So what does it exactly mean to be an idiot? What is a social construction about idiot and what is natural?

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The division of Idiotology

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I’ve divided ideology up into four pieces. These four are; theory, history, society and people, which you probably saw in the menu up top!
theory, I’ll try and develop a sociological, anthropological and biological understanding of what an idiot means in general and in society.
history I’ll look back in time and see who were and weren’t an idiot. And if they lived today, would it have been any different?
Society will be concerned with idiotic movements in society from a macro perspective where people will look at various people in society, therefore a micro perspective.
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